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Shandong Hangwei Orthopedic Medical Instrument Co Ltd established in 1997 located in the National High tech Industrial Development Zone Weifang is specialized in orthopedic medical device research and development of science and technology enterprises covering 37 000 square meters there are DMG HAAS 5 axis CNC maching center Swiss machine and precise testing equipment Our general product category include Intramedullary Nail Bone Plate Bone Screw External Fixator Orthopedic implant Minimally Invasive Traction

Categories and Products

Intramedullary Nail

Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail

Orthopedic Elastic Intramedullary Nail Magnetic and SONAR intramedullary nail- Femur Medical Proximal Femur targeting intramedullary nail Magnetic intramedullary nail for Tibia Diaphyseal Fracture Im intramedullary nails fixation for Tibial shaft Fracture Tibial Intramedullary Nail with magnetic guided device Tibia Interlocking Intramedullary Nails Meical device Tibial intramedullary Nails with magnetic guided system Intramedullary Nailing of Distal Tibial Fibula Fractures Orthopedic im nailing for tibial fracture fixation tibia Surgery intramedullary nailing tibial shaft fractures Supraptellar Implant Intramedullary Nail Open Tibia Fracture Orthopedic implant Intramedullary nail of Left Right Tibia Intramedullary Nail of Proximal Tibial bone fracture Surgical orthopedic implant intramedullary nail of the tibia Surgical im intramedullary nail right tibia rehab Retrograde Femoral magnetic guided Intramedullary Nails Orthopedic Femoral retrograde intramedullary nail Retrograde Intramedullary nail for distal femur fracture Titanium Flexible Retrograde intramedullary Femoral nail 

Bone Plate

Polyaxial Locking Compression Plate

Humeral distal Y shaped locking plate Orthopedic Pediatrics titanium elastic intramedullary nails Orthopedic implants Straight tibia Locking Compression Plate Titanium Implants Proximal Humerus Lateral Locking Plate Straight humerus Polyaxial locking compression plate orthopedic implant distal medial humerus locking plates orthopedic implant Distal Humerus lateral Locking Plate Distal Humerus Lateral Plate Distal Humerus Y locking Plate Humerus Straight Locking Plate Orthopedic Implant Ulna Radius Straight LCP locking Plates Ulna and Radius Straight Plate Orthopedic Implant Proximal Ulna locking plates Proximal Ulna Plating system Orthopedics trauma implant Oblique angle locking T Plate Orthopedic Distal Radius T-Shaped curved Locking Plates Dorsal T Distal Radius Plates Surgical implants distal radius dorsal locking plates Dorsal Distal Radius Plates Orthopedic titanium Distal palmaris Radius Locking Plate 

DHS/DCS Dynamic Hip And Condylar System

Titanium Orthopedic DHS Implant Plates for Femur Fracture Titanium surgical implants DHS Compression Hip Plates Titanium DHS DCS Implant Plate for Femur Fractures DHS DCS Angled Blade locking plate DHS titanium locking plate dynamic hip screw Metallic Bone Screw DHS DCS compression screw DHS/DCS Dynamic Hip and Condylar System 

Mini Bone Plate

120° Type Mini Plate Metacarpal locking min plate L type fracture fixation Condyle-II type Plate for finger fracture Mini LCP Plate for Phalanges fracture T Type+ Locking Reconstruction Mini Plates T Type3+ Mini Plate for Metacarpus Phalanx Fracture 120 degree Orthopeadic Titanium mini locking Plate Titanium Orthopedic Implant Phalange Mini Locking Plates Orthopedic mini locking plates mini implant Condyle-III Trauma reconstruction plate for pelvic shoulder fracture Finger Straight-shaped Plates Orthopedic Mini Implant Mini LCP Adaption Locking Plate T Type Quality Mini LCP X shaped bone locking plate Titanium Implant Mini Locking Plate For Hands 120 degree Mini mini locking compression plate system Condylar I mini plate for Phalangeal and Matacarpal T Type 2+ Mini Plate for metacarpus phalanx Y Type3+ Mini Plate for Hand Foot Fracture X Type Mini Locking Plate Locking reconstruction and mini plate system 

Locking Compression Plate

1/3 Tubular LCP Straight Titanium Locking Plate 1/3 tubular locking plate system 

External Fixator

Circular Fixator/ Ilizarov Fixator

Orthopedic Implant external Circular External Fixator Circular External Fixator System Ilizarov Ring External Fixation For Tibial Femur Fracture Orthopedic external Ring Fixator For Tibial Femur Fracture 

Sanwei External Fixator

Orthopedic Trauma Implant External Fixation Ring Fixator Sanwei External Fixator Fixation 

External Fixator System A

External Fixator System A A.O. Type External Fixator System for lamps fracture Orthopedic Finger and Palm Orthopedic External Fixator orthopedic Carefix type external fixator Adult ankle external fixation system Hoffmann orthopedic external fixator lower limbs Orthopedic Orthofix Standard Dynamic External Fixation Hoffmann AO standard ankle joint external fixator Orthopedic External Fixator of Modular Rod System AO standard Plevic Fragment External Fixator Orthopedic dynamic pelvic fragment external fixator Combined External Fixator external fixator tibia fixation Ilizarov Tibia lengthening external fixator Half ring type tibia fibula orthofix external fixator orthopedic tibial plateau frame external fixation orthopedic external fixation Proximal Tibia External Fixator External Fixation for Proximal Tibia Orthopedic Proximal Femoral Fragment External Fixator orthopedic external fixation Femoral External Fixator Orthopedic External Fixation Femoral Shaft External Fixator 

External Fixator System B

External Fixator System B Carbon Fiber External Fixator of Modular Rod System 

External Fixator System C

External Fixator System C External Fixation for Orthopedic External Fixation 

Instrument Set

Small Fragment Instrument Set Large Fragment Instrument Set Phalanx and Metacapal Instrument Set Reconstruction Plate Instrument Set Orthopedic Medical Instrument Set for Broken Screw Removal Small fragment upper limb Locking Plate instrument set Orthopaedic Implants DHS DCS bone plate Instruments sets Basic orthopedic Reconstruction plate instrument set Phalanx and Metacapal orthopedic instruments set Large Fragment Dynamics Compression Plates Instrument Set Orthopedic PFNA Intramedullary nail instrument set Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set - PFNA DHS/DCS Plate Instrument Set Broken Screw Removal Instrument Set 

Bone Screw

Universal Spinal Fixation System Orthopedic Implant Locking Bone Screws Orthopedic Bone Locking Screw High Quality Pedicle Screw Spindle Fixation System 3.5 mm Medical Bone Locking Screw Bone Locking Screw Orthopedic of Medical Surgical Trauma 3.5mm bone fracture Locking compression screw Titanium Bone Locking Screw 3.5mm 4.0mm 5.0mm Orthopedic Torx cannulated locking screws Titanium Cannulated Bone fracture locking screws Titanium herbert cannulated locking compression screw Cannulated Locking Screw for multi-axial locking plate Cannulated Locking Screw for multi-axial locking plates Locking bone screw system for Orthopedic surgery Titanium Bone Locking Cortical Screw 3.5mm 4.0mm 5.0mm Titanium herbert cannulated locking compression bone screw Metallic Bone Screw Locking Screw HA3.5 4.0 Metallic Bone Screw Cannulated locking screw Metallic Bone Screw Cortex Screw Full Threaded HA2.0 Metallic Bone Screw Cancellous Screw Partial Threaded 

Minimally Invasive Reduction Frame

Minimally Invasive Reduction Frame Minimally Invasive Reduction Frame for Fracture Orthopedic Surgery Power tools 

Sterilization Box

Medical Surgical instrument Surgical sterilization box Orthopedic Aluminium surgery sterilize box sterilization box Orthopedic sterilization screw box for Screws Orthopedic sterilization box for Surgery Instrument Set OEM Aluminum surgery sterilize box Sterilized screw box Orthopedic Small Instrument Sterilization Case Orthopedic Surgery Small Instrument Sterilization Case Orthopedic Instrument Case 3.5/4.0 With Screw Rack Orthopedic Screw Case 3.5/4.0mm Orthopedic Spinal Pedicle Screw Rod Crosslink Case Orthopedic Medical Instrument Sterile Container Case Tray Aluminum sterilization tray case box surgical instrument Orthopedic Instruments Locking Screw Tool Box Case Aluminum orthopedic instrument set Sterilize Case Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Kit Sterilization Box surgical orthopedic instrument box screw instrument box Aluminum sterilization tray box case of Surgical Instruments Orthopedic Medical Instrument Sterilized Container Case Tray Aluminum sterilization tray box case for Surgical Instrument 

Posterior Spinal Internal Fixation


Spinal Interbody Fusion Cage Lumbar Cage PEEK Material PEEK Interbody fusion cage PEEK Lumbar Vertebra Fusion Cage System Spinal Cervical or Lumbar PEEK Fusion Cage Orthopedic PEEK Cervical Cage interbody Fusion device 

Pedicle Screw

USS Spinal Fixation System orthopedic spine poly screw U-Spine titanium pedicle screw U-Break-off Pedicle screw spine titanium pedicle screws Cardan pedicle screw of orthopedics implant USS Spinal Fixation System Titanium Broken Type Cardan Pedical Screw Titanium 5.5mm 6.0mmmono axial U shaped pedical Screw orthopedic Titanium spinal spine Cross link Device orthopedic implant U Type Break-off Pedicle screw 

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