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Cervical fracture and dislocation AO with locking plate screw internal fixation surgical cooperation and instrument preparation


2 preoperative preparation 2.1 psychological preparation before the operation to the ward to understand the patient's condition, such as the patient's degree of injury, laboratory indicators, mental state, etc., actively introduce them to the operating room environment, surgery and anesthesia; after entering the operating room, try to reduce Poor anger, keeping the patient in a stable state of mind.

2.2 Instrument preparation: including three parts: conventional surgical instruments, anterior cervical surgical instruments and steel plate and steel plate placement equipment, paying special attention to whether the steel plate and screw models are complete.

3 surgical methods adjacent segmental discectomy, intervertebral bone grafting in 18 cases; trans-segmental intervertebral disc and vertebral subtotal resection and bone grafting in 22 cases; posterior cervical joints were partially restored, lateral block plate fixation, One case of intervertebral discectomy with intervertebral discectomy.

4 Surgical cooperation with the neck anatomy carefully, familiar with the surgical position, approach and surgical procedures, surgical instruments, familiar with the name and use of various instruments, understand the habits of each surgeon, according to the surgical process, accurately in place Delivery of surgical instruments.

A0 locking plate screw is a new type of cervical anterior internal fixation technique. The neck is anatomically complex and rich in vascular nerves. It is adjacent to important vascular nerves. The operation risk is high. It requires surgeons to have serious surgical skills and good surgery. Coordination and instrument preparation are also important conditions to ensure the success of the operation.

How should the operating room strengthen the management of disposable surgical supplies? Operating room of Weinan Central Hospital in Shaanxi Province (714000) Zhang Huiling West Operating Room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University (714000) Wang Lijuan With the development and application of medical science and technology, people have nosocomial infections The problem is getting more and more attention. In order to effectively prevent and control hospital infections, ensure medical safety, and improve medical quality, in addition to strictly complying with the disinfection management regulations formulated by the Ministry of Health, a large number of disposable medical supplies have been invested in the clinic, which is convenient for doctors. It reduces the intensity of the nurse's labor, reduces the patient's chance of producing iatrogenic infections, and can also alleviate the patient's pain, thus being welcomed by patients and medical staff. However, with the wide application of disposable products, how to manage a disposable product has become a new problem for us. The following measures for managing disposable products are as follows: The operating room should be managed by a single person for disposable medical supplies; Received by a special person. When receiving disposable products, the quality should be checked, and the products should be strictly inspected for health certificates, inspection certificates, production dates, product identification and disinfection validity period; unqualified products are never allowed to be used for clinical use.

All disposable surgical supplies that are taken back should be placed in a dry, clean, well-lit warehouse and placed neatly according to the type of supplies. And regularly check whether the disinfection of disposable supplies is invalid, all the failed items can not be reused, the high-value disposable supplies will respond to the lock and keep, the special person is responsible for the distribution, to avoid loss.

According to the size of the surgery, you can replenish the supplies at any time to ensure the operation. The supplies that are retrieved each time should not be large, so as to avoid the failure of the backlog caused by the backlog, which will cause unnecessary losses. The use should be carried out according to the order of disinfection.

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